The sun is so bright that it breaks open

        the gates with its beams

This is an hour

            an interval

            empty space

Light from outer space

Which renders human blockades

Just frames

If you puase

That's when the light comes in


det finns

en sten i mig

som står framför de passande orden

om jag vrider

med pennan

kommer den inte någonstans

den sitter

och håller min kropp



Saturday in St. Paul’s garden; I Guess We’d All Be Minor Serfs and Merchants in The Pillars of the Earth But We Can Dream Our Colours

I do not seek to explain.
For my heart is little and inconsequential
Though stirring
And a movement happens in the grey
(A grey turned pink by looking too long)
And the yellow of the ginkgo falls down.
The little kid running past has been dressed for this moment in his over-ripe lemon jacket
His father asks is that boring? As he quickly leaves a pile of autumn’s papers as soon as he’s given them a kick
No, dad - what, dad? Dad, I just want to look at this over here, look how interesting it all is! Look!
That ‘arresting’ still life by a Spaniard (the one with lemons you can’t zest any longer) did not condemn me to write.
Interest is a dove which looks inwards to see outwards with an olive branch
‘It’s all going to be ok!’

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